Bean Primary School

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Bean School Opens

Bean School is open, but it's not the same

New gates, new doors, even my classroom's changed

There are signs outside and tape on the floor

At times I'm tempted to feel forlorn

But wait, who's that, I can see my friend

Jumping and skipping, again and again

With a smile as big as a dinner plate

It's all ok, but oh, I'm late!


-Everything is different-

Everything is different

Going to the shops?

No-one to be seen

Going to school?

Keep social distance

Are you bored at home?

Try playing a game

Everything is different

Should we be worrying?

by Mina



Our street was once a peaceful place

We played and people could jog

But our quiet life shattered

When we got our new dog

​He is very noisy and loud

He wakes up the whole street at 6 am

He is very fun and always wants to play

But no-one wants to do it his way

Everyone in the street hates our dog

But one day I thought about it

All our poor little dog wants is to be loved

I don’t care if the street hates my dog

(They are always quite grumpy anyway)

I love my dog. I love how he likes to play

And I don’t care what the street say

He is being himself and that’s why I am proud to say

I’m glad we got a dog the other day

by Leia



 Noah’s Fishing Adventure

I went fishing with my dad in June

Something tells me we went too soon

Dad bought some rods and reels online

Hoping that all would be fine

We went to a lake on a hot Summer’s day

The wind howled and kept blowing our tent away

The lake was  a hive of activity

I managed to cast my line into a tree

We sat on the bank, it was hot like Spain

Which makes a change from cold and rain

But we caught no fish, it was really sad

I can’t help that my dad’s so bad!


By lunchtime we were seriously sweaty

My dad became a scruffy yeti

Weeds were all we managed to catch

My dad said “that’s enough of that!”


We left in a rush, it wasn’t too soon

I was desperately in need of the loo

Whoosh! We were home as quick as can be

I was relieved, I don’t like fishing really

By Noah



Our house was once a peaceful place,

We used to have some personal space.

But now we have a new kitten,

And almost everyday I get bitten.


Her name is Gucci,

And she was more expensive than Fiorucci.

She is small and sneaky,

Playful and cheeky.


If she's hungry, she will lick me,

And that for sure, is a guarantee.

After I feed her, we play this game,

It's always the same.

I'll get the laser,

(Which isn't a taser).


Then she'll go to sleep,

And I mustn't make a beep.

But if I wake the cat,

She will get her combat.

by Megan



We woke at 3 in the morning excitement in my eyes

I couldn’t wait!! 

When the coach arrived I said “time to go” I cried  

Let’s go to the airport to get on the plane

We went through security

Now it time to go to Spain. 

Wow were almost there it is so sunny

When we got there it was so hot

So we put our hair in as scrunchy 

We had to drive on the left hand side it was NOT easy

It was so hot my feet were cheesy 

We got to where we stayed it was like a mansion with our very own pool 

The best thing about the pool

Was because it was cool

We played in it ALL day 

It was the best 10 days of Spain 

Hope I go next year 

P.s this was in 2018

by Rosy



Bean Primary  

"There was once a small village school
Where pupils and staff were very keen
Amongst green fields and trees
You could find it in Bean.

Every day its gates were welcoming
All the happy and smiley children
Who could not wait to be learning and playing there...

Then one day in March it all came to a halt
When an unknown pandemic
Led us all to stop our life with a jolt...

Uncertainty fell upon Bean primary
And its gates and classrooms doors 

Closed behind the worry and concerns had by many...

But that was only temporary
As surely soon after that
The brave staff and keen teachers
Returned to their duty implementing
The "wash your hands" song
and the "rule of the 2 metres"

Slowly then gates and classrooms started to reopen
Welcoming back chatter and laughter
The rules were set and clearly spoken
In this new world where the 2 metres rule would open a new chapter..."

by Beatrice